Monday, July 28, 2014


I did get this Farm quilt all finished--
I really enjoyed finishing this little quilt!!

and I got the last book read--
while watching the Sprint Cup race for NASCAR on Sunday--
I have read nearly all of Dorothy's book--
she is a great author and I enjoyed this book also!!

and here is some week end photos from around here--
took this photo Sunday evening around 7pm--
and I scared this baby duck when I walked by him along the boardwalk--
and he took off swimming all by himself--
I watched for awhile hoping that he had other family near by--but--
then later on the way back home I seen this--
and then there was two--sure hope that one of these is the first little fellow!!!
I was surprised to see some this young this time of the year!!
out behind the little white shed !!

What are your plans for the week???
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Di, your farm quilt is very cute, especially since you designed a couple of the blocks yourself!!

  2. Beautiful finish.
    I am pleased the duckie found his friend.


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