Saturday, July 5, 2014


when I was stitching these 3 spools together--
if the center pieces were the same color as the tops and bottoms???
then decided it was just the bad lighting in the new sewing room--
( and it is bad--need to do something about it???)
later when I went back to work on some more of these spools--
I got to looking at the rest of the fabric pieces and guess what???
those where not the centers for those ends---!!!!!!!!
can't believe that I picked 2 fabrics that were so close in color???
but I did!!!
these 3 spools have been redone and are looking much better now!!
the pile--
of sewn summer spools is growing--
and I did alot of basic stitching on the end of the spools while waiting for the race to start,
in Daytona, Fl last night after some rain--
so this afternoon I should be ahead of the 'game'--
then that's right--
I am running out of the 1 1/4" square end  pcs--so need to cut and mark some more of them!!!!!!
These spools will finish at 2 3/4" square when finished!!

Well--the grocery shopping and laundry are done--
so it's time I got back to sewing!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Your spool blocks look lovely. Can't wait to see them together. hugs.....

  2. Oh, those spools are small! Sorry about your blocks and having to redo them. It will be fun to see them when they are put together. Nola

  3. What 2 2/3" finished ,boy that's small. You sure are keen Di.


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