Thursday, July 17, 2014


I have a tree for this year--
and it is 6.5 feet tall--
and I have no where to hang it--
except maybe on the back of a door!!!!!!!!!

here is what the tree skirt looks like one it is done--
it was done in 3 paper pieces and really looked harder than it actually was--
sorry about the threads--did not see them until I uploaded the photos!!!

On to the finishing the next project--
the Summer Spools!!
hugs, di and miss gracie
PS--did not know that I had a pretty white moth in this photo either!!


  1. And just think - no pine needles to clean up! I saw the quilt using those spools online yesterday, and it's going to be a beauty!!

  2. Love this! Where did you get the pattern from? on another note my package with the angel came and she is beautiful! thank you again...

  3. It's a beautiful tree...I love it! :0)

  4. I love the tree on your door and I agree with Sunny---the best thing is no pine needles! How fun that you captured the little moth! Nola

  5. Then the door it is! be so pretty with some pretty sparkly ornies on it! love those spools!


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