Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I ended up with a whole new plan--
I did have  alot of leftover pieces from the spools--
and did think about using them-
decided that I would first need to add a small border going around the quilt--
and found this print--
had to even it up, first, as it was way off--
Then went through some more fabrics--
some in my novelty bins this time--
and now here she is--
button border--
had just enough of this piece to fussy cut it for the borders--
and I know how I want to finish this one--
need to buy batting first--!!!

Later in the afternoon I worked on this one--

Remember the 12 lamb virtue counted cross stitch blocks--???
this is how I decided I wanted to finish mine off,
instead of 12 small pillows--
used black wool felt for the lattice--
and now it is on the thinking board--
on how to finish this one?????

Are you working on something????
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. YES!!!! Those borders are perfect! What wonderful stash you have. And your sheep are turning out beautifully as well. I'm going to run away for a week and come stitch with you. You get so much done - I'm continually amazed.

  2. Love the sweet quilt there, looking forward to seeing the border you use. Lots to read in this nice post,
    Di :-)

  3. Love what you have done with both your quilts. Hugs......

  4. Looking awesome!!! The border fabric is perfect. And your stitcheries are gorgeous.


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