Sunday, August 24, 2014


knitting 'boobs'!!
with a great bunch of gals!!
they are for this charity group--
these look almost like a 'boob'--
and are only knitted/crocheted in the one kind of yarn--
but in all colors and you make different cup sizes--
my first one is a DD--
as that size is not made as much as the smaller sizes, I heard--
Here is my first one--
now this one has not had the stuffing put in it yet--
so it looks out of shape-
will go back on Friday and have Sue show me how to stuff it and finish it--
in the mean time--I have started another one--
they are a bit tricky to start--but so easy to knit after that and the second one,
I started went much easier!!!
Here is the if anyone else is interested in making some--
or to check out the website--
Happy knitting!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. thank you for the link...this looks like fun...

  2. what a cool idea! I'm off to learn more about it.


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