Saturday, August 30, 2014


a new 'addition' !!!!
to making these--
the knitted 'boob's for bra inserts!!
Had 4 all knitted and went to the yarn shop yesterday to see about stuffing them--
have gotten the one that was on the needles finished and have started a 6th one!!!

And has anyone seen the month of August????
I do believe that somehow I have missed the whole month--
the only thing that I can see that I accomplished has been the knitting!
( oh and losing my teeth!!!)
On the way home from the yarn shop--
I did stop at our Farmers Mkt--
that is set up on Friday afternoons in our local park--
It is hard to see so much lovely food,
but not be able to buy it as I can't eatchew it right now--
but have boughten blueberries each week and this week I got a nice head of cauliflower--
that should taste yummy!!

Found this small butterfly/moth this morning when I was out to take some photos of the morning glories--
Hope you are having a great Saturday--
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Hmmm!! Okay interesting addition.
    I enjoyed the trip to the yarn shop with you. The market looks great and nice scenery too.

  2. Addiction .. This silly iPad always changes what I type. GRRRR.

  3. There are much worse addictions to have! You do nice work, and for a very good cause. When do you get your new teeth? Steamed cauliflower should be easy to eat - especially with a little melted cheese.

  4. hey what timing ..........I heard an article about the boobs in the last few days......amazing.......wonderful thing to do..........very specific directions and yard but what a wonderful thing to do..........


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