Thursday, September 4, 2014


like this--
that my eyes are bigger than the rest of me--
cause they hurt!!!
and are scratchy and itchy--
so everything seems--
out of focus!!!

I really have been working--
though it be slowly--
I got the wall hanging finished as for the hand quilting--
now to do the binding on it--
and I did get 2 more small quilts basted with pins to do them with hand quilting!!

And I have started a fall counted cross stitching--
and what can I say--
it is the lazy hazy days of September!!
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Cute cat picture! I'm ready for some fall weather. Can you please send some my way? It's too hot here.

  2. Hope you feel better! Really cute cat picture :-)
    We are having a last boost of summer, warm and sunny,
    but the trees show that autumn is ceeping up on us all the same. I do love autumn colours!

  3. Hope your itchy eyes get better soon.
    But you have keep yourself busy just the some.

  4. All the best with your eyes, Di, hope things passes. Such a funny pic with your miss G there, lovely sunflowery flower :-)


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