Tuesday, October 21, 2014


into the closet and got all the 'fall' stuff down--
and made a big mess on my bed-
so now 'who' is going to come and decorate my place with it all????

Did fuss a bit this afternoon--
did a fall arrangement--
Did the wicker table next to the computer table--
hung the fall runner outside the door--
and this one on the door--

Now to decide what to do with all the rest--
and I need someone 'tall' to come and replace the 2 quilts over the tv and computer table here on the wall with 2 of my fall quilts!!
I really need a taller stool--
it is just--
I would only use that stool about 3 times a year--
and would have to store it someplace in here for just that little bit of usage!!!
some of us have such 'real' problems don't  we?????
Hugs di and miss gracie


  1. I like your taste in decorating, so I wouldn't want to do it for you.
    that's a lot of stuff!! Can your maintenance guy help you hang the high stuff? Be careful.

  2. I love the way you guys decorate your homes for all the different occasions. You have some beautiful things there. Be careful and don't climb chairs.

  3. Your home will be beautiful as always in autumn colours :)
    I have a wreath on the front door - that's as far as I have got.
    Now be careful about climbing on stools!

  4. Loads of Fall goodness!!! Ask the maintenance dept for a step utility ladder. If I waited on 'help' here would never get done! So I pray and climb!
    Sure you will have it all sorted and looking lovely soon!


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