Sunday, October 5, 2014


I think this is getting to be a habit!!!

Our first one this week was--
1. Autumn-
Colors of orange and golden yellow--
with a hint of red--

2. Leaves--

and boy are they falling to the ground now-
and we still have not had a heavy frost--

3. boots
Does fabric with boots on it count???
Nobody is into boots yet around here--
not even cowboy boots anywhere!!!!

4. Hot Beverage--
seen this in a window over town--
had another plan for this photo--

5. Games--
These are all my old games--
we always played one or more of them at the family gatherings--
My Mom loved Rack-o and Rummikub!!!

Hope everyone has a great week--
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Love the marigolds. It looks like you have real autumn leaves! Pretty.

  2. Your scavenger hunts are so fun!!!

  3. Gorgeous flowers! And yes, I do think that fabric should count--as long as we don't start counting fabric. That could be embarrassing!

  4. Your set turned out great.
    Marigolds really do endure well into fall providing wonderful color.
    Wow your leaves are falling fast.
    Fabric with boots counts, and it was such cute fabric too.
    Neat find on the coffee sign.
    I like playing Rack-O myself but it's been awhile. I use to play with my parents.

  5. Love all your photos. The marigolds and leaves are so pretty! I used to LOOOVE playing Rack-o!

  6. Your pictures are great. I love the fabric with the boots!
    The marigolds are beautiful. Nola

  7. Love marigolds and zinnias they remind me of my sweet Mama. Did not plant any this year. Neat pics! Used to love playing games with the Grammys and kids. We had fun. Was only a wee bit of yellow in the foot hills on our trip. More color now I am told near Va Blue Ridge.

  8. Wonderful autumn flowers. The fabric boots are very cute.

  9. The fabric with boots on it is really cute! The leaves are falling here too and still no hard frost. ;)

  10. Your Games photo is so cool. And I'm loving the leaves photo. So pretty.

  11. we like to play old games as well but probably won't pull them out until the cold weather keeps us indoors and the excitement of the holidays has passed us by.


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