Friday, November 14, 2014


I did it--
I sewed--
I made these 2 cute zippered pouches--
Got the pattern, fabric and 2 zippers on Tuesday on my walk!!
BUT-- a word of caution here--
don't make just 2 and leave them alone--
cause when you come back--
you will find--
that they 'mated' and had babies--I now have a family of "8"--
but that is not the end of the story--
by bedtime last night--
my 'family' had gotten even larger--
to a family of 15!!!!
and luckily the zipper stash was out of zippers--
or who knows how many I might have found this morning!!!!

And now here is a question for you--
why is it when you pull the wastebasket up to your legs--
so that when you are trimming seams and you want all the "trims" to go into the basket--
some still think they have to land on the floor?????

Have a great week end--
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Wow, remind me not to get started on any zipper pouches. My sewing room isn't big enough. LOL! Plus, I don't think I have enough friends to give them all to.

  2. WOW! Those are so beautiful, Di. Do you think you could send the fairy down to make some for me?

  3. Oh my! Cute lil things though. Yes I too can make a mess trying NOT to make a mess all. the. time! Wish I could get up some mojo to get a LOT of things done around here! Oh well maybe next year I always seem to say last few years!!

  4. OMG they multiplied like mice.........very cute.........


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