Sunday, November 2, 2014


Once again it is Sunday--
And here is some photos for this weeks Scavenger Hunt--

1. Dress-up--
This is Kevin and his guide dog, Norman--
every year Kevin, makes and dresses him and his dog up for Halloween--
this year, Norman was Kevin's caddy!!!
And here is some 'scary' ones!!!

2. Candy--
Chocolate anyone???
Maybe hard candy or gummy candy is more to your liking??
Or maybe you like something really 'sweet' and soft--like fudge????

These photos are of the 'candy shoppe' that is inside of my Country shop, that I visit overtown--
( I am very good and hardly ever buy any candy!!!)

3. Fall colors--
Took this photo while on the way over to the Yarn shop on Friday--
loved that short tree with the really orange leaves on it!!

4. Trick or Treat--
Would you like these leaves--
Or would you like these leaves???
Trick or Treat????

5. Photo choice--
On one of my walks last week, I found these pumpkins and had to take their photo--
and I love the reflection in the glass door behind the pumpkins!!!

Have a great big wonderful fun filled week everyone--
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Great job, as always. I want some of those leaf cookies! or maybe some fudge. Have all your leaves blown off yet? It's been soooo cold and windy here the last couple of days.

  2. I would love to see those jack-o-lanterns lit up at night. Nice work.

  3. Love the costumes! The pumpkins are great!

  4. I admire you for resisting the candy when you visit that shop with so many choices! I like what you did with Trick or Treat.

  5. Nice set.
    Kevin and Norman look cute dressed up together. Funny Gorilla in the other shot.
    Let me in that Candy store! Wow what a selection.
    Very pretty trees for the fall colors.
    I love both kinds of leaves so I get a trick and a treat.
    Cute Pumpkins. The clown is adorable.


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