Saturday, November 1, 2014


I stopped at the Country shop????
and as I walked into the back door--
something flew right into my arms--
and wanted to come home with me--
this beautiful bird,
 and the price was right--
only $5!!!!
I stopped by there as I needed a 'candy photo' for tomorrows challenge--
and they have the candy shoppe there now too!!!
( I was good and did not buy any candy!!!)

Then on to the Yarn shoppe--
I left these off--
Last week's knitting--
and then this happened--
More yarn to knit up into hats and mittens--
and I was good and did start another hat with the orangie one--
and I have another set of mittens started--
I was really really trying to use up alot of the yarn I already had on hand--
and still have some of--
got tired of the same colors--
I am one of those gals who gets bored easy--
and different colors helps me stay on the course!!!

hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Pretty bird - what does Miss Gracie think of it? :-)
    Love the new yarn you got - beautiful colours!

  2. What a beautiful little bird! I'm so glad you gave him a cozy home. It has turned so windy and cold here the past couple of days. Hard to believe we were out kayaking in shorts just a few days ago. Your knitting should help you keep cozy, too. Nothing wrong with a few pretty colors.

  3. Yes, me too: sweet little bird! Love the small blue flower as well as the knitting :-)


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