Sunday, November 30, 2014


November is over--
(well--almost--about 11 hours to go here!!)
I collected the rest of the fall decorations this morning--
to put back up in the closet--

And I will not miss these colors--
I am ready for some new ones--
What about you????

Right now my cutting table is full of gifts to sort and wrap for the packages that I need to mail!!!
And my goal is to open the box with the new tree and get it set up--
we must see how--
this little gal does with a tree????
I don't think I have actually put up a tree since I adopted miss gracie--
and she was 4 in June!!!

Happy Sunday, you'all--
hugs, di and the kid!!


  1. Now that THanksgiving is over, I'm ready to start thinking about Christmas. We cheat on our tree(s). We have two skinny pencil trees, and they get put in the closet fully decorated! Very easy to set up and put away. Miss Gracie should be fine. Just don't put your most treasured ornaments at the bottom.

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  3. Hopefully she will do well with the tree. I had a cat one Christmas get up into my tree and tumble it over!:) It was a live tree and he wanted to sit in the branches. I came home from work and there lay my tree with ornaments broken and scattered all over the floor. I now only use artificial trees and the furbabies do not seem to care. Good luck with yours.


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