Friday, November 28, 2014


going to the yarn shop today--
of hats and mittens for charity--
two sets for babies--
I had one of these little red mittens knitted forever and 'floating' around in the knitting bag--
so was really happy to finally get it a mate and a hat!!!!

And there is a story behind the black and pink mittens--
I first knitted on of the pink/black one and had planned to knit the opposite for the second mitten--
only when I got all done with the second one--I discovered that I had too different sizes--soooo--
we knitted a partner for the pink one first--then knitted a second one for the black one--
only we did run out of black yarn on the second one--so we finished off with the dark grey and
did dk grey for the thumbs on both--(had also ran out of the pink) I was not buying any more yarn for this knitting projects--one of my reasons for doing this was to use up a stash of this kind of yarn!!!
and I did pretty much do that--yea!!!!!!!!!

Also did some more sewing--
Again a holiday print that I have have hoarded for a long time and decided it was time to use it--
and I got the 3 bags finished from the sewing the other day--and all 6 santa mug rugs are done--
so I am on a roll here!!!

and here is a snow picture from Wednesday--
no snow stayed on the roads--and the snow on the trees blew off later that evening--
but today there is still snow on the ground!!

Di and miss gracie

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  1. I think your mittens are adorable. And the fact that some are multi-colored makes them even more precious. I'm glad the snow melted from the roads. THis way you can appreciate the beauty of it, without worrying about the hazards. Very pretty snow picture!


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