Friday, December 12, 2014


Can you tell I love red pick up trucks--
The large pillow in the back I did 3-4 years ago and is applique--
and there is my new little metal red truck with it's tree--
( did not realize that the truck is screwed onto the black base--
not sure how to get it off or if I should take it off???)
and then there is the new little pillow--
that is fresh off the needles last night--
I still need to close that opening on the bottom!!
I found this pattern while reading the Buttermilk Basin site these couple weeks--
it is a new entry on the right in my blog reading list!!!

And this is the new look for the Nativity scene--

how do you like how it looks like a "halo" over the baby Jesus,
 that the flash made from the TV screen when I took the photo????

And this wall hanging is finished--
And I even worked on the paper piecing tree that I stitched back in July--
I got the batting cut for it and have found the backing--
now I need to make a big mess and tear off the tissue paper from the back of the tree!!

And I have another quilt wall hanging top ready for hand quilting--
remember this one from a couple years ago???

And I have been working on these since yesterday afternoon--
and also cut out is Polly and Paul the penguins!!!
so I have my work--cut out for me!!!

Whats on your work table--
or in your hand work basket?????
Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Oh my gosh! Did you know there was a blog hop today about trees in trucks? Love your pillows. I saved the pattern for the wool version.

  2. Love the trucks - quite the rage this year, too :-)
    And so many beautiful projects you are working on. You make me feel awfully lazy, so I am going to rummage around and find something to finish .... do.... make


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