Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I did get all the Christmas things down from the closet in the bedroom--
Here is the pile of quilts and a couple pillows--
Here is a pile of  the rest of the decorations
and my new stocking from last year that a friend sent me!!!

And I did get some decorations on the tree yesterday--
More ornaments to go it yet, though!!

And Annie is holding a package that came in the mail on Monday--
So I guess some things are happening around here--
but has anyone seen 'my' elves???????

I did this felt/wool Nativity scene a couple years ago now--
But I keep changing my mind on how to display it--
so last night I unstitched the backing and added some length to the bottom area here--
and I figure if I was to frame it--I need a frame that is 12" wide by 30" long-
don't think they make them that size--
I do have one idea floating around in my head--
time will tell if I try it-----????????????

Ahhh--that's were my 'elves' went---
working on a sign for me to send to all my friends!!!
Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Di, your tree is sooo pretty! You did a wonderful job decorating it.

  2. Uh...where are you going to put all that stuff? You're so creative, you'll find a spot. Do we get to see pics of the walls when you get some of it hung??

  3. Beautiful tree, but still some work left, I see :-)

  4. Starting to look really festive around your place! :)


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