Monday, February 9, 2015


Yep--got my '2' snowmen made--
and one of them needs a new home!!!
So do you have a February Birthday????
two dates that I am looking for are--
Feb 14th--this was the day my parents had planned to get married in 1945--
but--their blood work was not back in time--
so they married on Feb 21st--

so do you have a birthday in Feb ==
let me know!!!

and I got an order in from Missouri Star quilt co--
they had the charm pack on sale for $1.50--
and in the cart also from another shopping spree that I did not finish was the bunny scissors for $1.50 and the Easter book for $4.95--
and so now I have '3' animal scissors--
a bunny, a bear, and a cat--
now I want to know--
Why am I 'collecting' these??????
Smiles, diandmissgracie
Mom--please--you know how I 'hate' having my picture taken!!!!


  1. my mom and Dad's birthdays were in Fab.

  2. I have those cat scissors - somewhere. I keep a little pair of scissors with every stitchery project that I'm working on. In other words, a lot! But they're fun, aren't they? Meow to Miss Gracie.

  3. HI, my husband's birthday is in February!

  4. Don't feel bad about the scissors, I collect them as well. I have a daughter that was born in Feb. Your snowman hearts are wonderful.

  5. Oh the snow pillas are SEW SWEET! I am saving the BH patterns to do later. I too love the tiny scissors. Miss Gracie is so pretty!! My son, Baby O's Dad, was born Feb 13th and grandsons, Ben on 11th and Leo 27th. My Father was born on Feb 19, 1910. Do have a cute little great nephew, Jayce, born on the 14th! Nephew Roland today, 9th and his Mom my SIL the 15th. Nephew Paul on 24th and DH's sister is a leap year baby! Seems I am forgetting some one but as you can see we are loaded with birthdays in the shortest month!


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