Sunday, February 1, 2015


More finishes for January--
and this is now--
into a pillow and combines two gifts--
one gift was the stitchery pattern and the other gift was the chocolate fabric!!!

This stitchery by Raspberry rabbits--Shell--
I also did it, into a pillow--
she also sent me the fabric and it goes sooo well with design--

this little design was also from a free pattern that Shell had a couple years ago--
There was more hearts in the free designs--
but I only managed to get one stitched--
and it sat around and sat around--
and now is all dressed up!!!

I did not get all my ufo embroidery items done up--
and I need to finish some counted cross stitching into finished projects--
Plus I did do some other embroidery work last month (Jan), but those are to be gifts--
so you have to wait!!!!!

And here is tomorrows post--
we get to open another Christmas box of goodies!!!!

And they are saying we will be getting about a foot of snow--
starting later tonight and through out the night--
might even add up to a foot!!!!
Sure hope I have enough--chocolate to last until ----
Smiles, diandmissgracie


  1. Gorgeous stitcheries, specially love the chocolate cushion :) xxx

  2. Oh I love your pretty designs, too! And I just wrote you a thank you and forgot to mention the chocolate! Hubby was happy! Something sweet for him, too! Thank you for everything! Sweet hugs, Diane


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