Saturday, May 30, 2015


first about being right--
it has to do with the show--
the Bachelor--
this season's farmer bachelor--
I knew that the girl he picked was not right for him--
and I see that they have called off the engagement--
now I only watched the last show and him picking her--
but knew, immediately she was not the one!!!!

here is some more photos to share with you--
think this is a 'hop' vine--
the tenant under me has these strawberries in a hanging pot--
her son gets here a pot of them every Mother's day--
we have 3 pots of pansies out front of the building--
I keep them dead-headed--
I love pansies!!!!
and another photo of the lake a couple days ago--

am busy still cleaning out and sorting and doing a rummage sale--
My goal is to finished with the sales by next Saturday--
then it will be party time!!!!!
Smiles, diandmissgracie

Sunday, May 24, 2015


As many of you know I have said that--
I do plan to move to Florida--
I have had my name on a list at a Senior place there for a few months now--
and on my trip down I did check it out and it seems to be a good place--
so even before coming home,
I knew that I had made the decision to move down--
WHEN I get the call that an apartment has become available--
that may be tomorrow or months from now--
But I am going ahead and working on a plan towards that move--

So yesterday, couple of fellows that I had boughten some furniture from -
when they had a shop here in town 4-5 years ago--
came by and bought back some and some of my other 'to dads'!!!

And this morning a couple here in the building bought 2 more pieces
and have come and picked them up--
so this apartment is getting larger by the minute!!!

I have boxed up alot for a rummage sale, also--
and we did bring up  a folding table from the community room--
so that I can unbox stuff and sort it better,
before selling it--

One of the next projects I need to do is sort my quilts--
have people asking to buy some and family wants some--
and I want to donate some--
so that is on the "todo" list--

So what my main plan A is--
to get down to the furniture and things that I would like to move with
to Florida--
then when the call comes--I am ready!!!!

I am still going for walks and taking photos too--
here is a couple from this morning--
Hope everyone is having a great week end--
Smiles, diandmissgracie

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Well--we did the Florida photos done--
but have been taking new photos of the lake and flowers around here since coming back--
so will share some of them now--
we have 3 trees in a row on each side of the drive through here--
one side is pink--and I nearly missed these--
and don't these look like they are covered in snow???
and I did still find a couple tulips--
though most of them flowered while I was gone--
and they had cut down some bad trees along the back and thought the stumps had some neat designs in them--
I know--
I can find some unusual things to photography!!!
But one never knows--
I just might come up with a million dollar photo one of these days!!!!!!!!!!!
Will show some more lake photos over the week end--
at least that is the plan!!!!
Ahhh--not me, says, Di--she loves to eat!!!-
now afterwards--that is another story!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I don't believe that I got around to taking a photo of the quilt that I got hand quilted and bound before my Florida trip--
and now here is the new one I am hand quilting on--
this one was stitched a while ago--
and it is large and will take forever to hand quilt--
but at least I have started it----

and yesterday here on a blog site --
I saw a cute butterfly--3-D style--
so I rushed into the sewing room and make one--
don't think I have it totally right yet--
and I love antenna's on my butterflies--
so I have some work to do --
but am excited that I make one just the same!!!

and I got a package in the mail yesterday--
this is from a long time pen-pal--
remember those????
I still have one--just wished I could remember how long now we have been exchanging letters and small gifts--think it has to be at least 15 years or more!!

and here is a Walmart story for you!!!
I went there yesterday for a couple things and some groceries--
the bill came to $77--
didn't think too much about it--
after I went to bed late last night--
it hit me--that was kinda high for what I got there--
so added it up in my head and yep--
so I finally got out of bed and looked at the receipt!!
and the clerk had charged me for 12 magazines at $2.49 each--
instead of 12 cans of cat food at 50 cents each--
need I tell you that I went back this morning and got my money back!!!
only problem is--
when my friend Anne came we went to 2 flower centers and I spent $30 on plants
and a outdoor planter for my window ledge!!!!
Easy come--
Easy go!!!!!
Smiles, diandmissgracie

Saturday, May 16, 2015


But first the 'plus'--
I have finally hit the 10,000 mark--
no--not steps per day--
but on photos taken on the big boy camera--

after this mornings outing and photos-- the count is--
10,050 photos taken--it started over once it hit the 10,000 mark--
and that doesn't count all the photos I have taken with the small hand held camera!!!!
this Canon camera is 4 years old now!!

OK--where did we leave off????

On Friday evening, DS took me and his sister out to eat--
they started off with Lobster salads--these where on huge plates and lots of salad--
though they don't look as big in this photo--
I had rice and shrimp and tried a new kind of noodle to me--thai-something???
the lights  where really neat and different!!

I was able to take my 2 kids to the Zoo--
I was never able to do this with them when they were growing up--
so it felt good to do this and we did have a great morning there--
though this Zoo is a very busy crowded one!!!

and on the way out the ramp to see the larger animals--
I seen this cage--

and loved this tub--
when we came back through--
I discovered this was who lived here--
and that there was not just one of this huge snakes,
but two of them that lived here--
one male and one female--
so you know what means?????????????????

On Sunday Mother's day--
my daughter took me to a pretty garden center--
I want this blue planter!!!!

Then we went here for lunch--
Had a wonder Seafood lunch--
then we went across the street to the movies--
again and seen--Hot Pursuit--
loved the movie!!!!
and back to her place--
later in the evening, DS came over and we had pizza!!

and the next morning we had to get up at 4am --to get to the airport at 6am--
for me to come home--
and here I am--
but me and the big camera have been doing lots of photo shoots--
so more great photos to come!!!
Smiles, diandmissgracie
Ps these are all over down there-but don't hurt you--
they are more afraid of you--than you are of them!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2015


I really missed Florida even before getting on the plane to come back home--
and my 'pain' must of missed me too--
cause it is back ==big time hurting body is back!!!
What is sooo weird--
or what is really great is--
I had no pain whatsoever while in Florida--
and I was up early and moving all day--
crazy really!!!!!
This is my daughters screened porch--
I loved this porch and wanted to bring it home with me!!!!

I got there on a Monday afternoon--
and we took a long drive on the way back to her place--
stopping for lunch at his place--

 Here we shared a black bean and rice dish--was very good!!

On Tuesday--
we went to Walmart for a few things and DD bought a new set of pots and pans--
and then we went back to her place and tried them out--
she feel in  love with them--they are new ones with the white ceramic coated ones!!!

Wednesday was my birthday--
but it was a quite one--

we drove around a park and went out to lunch--
and both days we looked at Senior places for me to live at--

On Thursday we went to the beach--
well--for me to see and smell and to take some photos--

and in the evening we went to really pretty theater and seen the movie-
The Age of Adeline--very good--

On Friday we  went to Old Melbourne--
it is where the town actually started years ago--
It is neat place to have lunch and wander around--
lots of little colorful shops--

and a homemade candy shoppe--yummmm!!!

and we will continue tomorrow--

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