Thursday, May 21, 2015


Well--we did the Florida photos done--
but have been taking new photos of the lake and flowers around here since coming back--
so will share some of them now--
we have 3 trees in a row on each side of the drive through here--
one side is pink--and I nearly missed these--
and don't these look like they are covered in snow???
and I did still find a couple tulips--
though most of them flowered while I was gone--
and they had cut down some bad trees along the back and thought the stumps had some neat designs in them--
I know--
I can find some unusual things to photography!!!
But one never knows--
I just might come up with a million dollar photo one of these days!!!!!!!!!!!
Will show some more lake photos over the week end--
at least that is the plan!!!!
Ahhh--not me, says, Di--she loves to eat!!!-
now afterwards--that is another story!!!!!!


  1. How pretty everything is! And I enjoyed your Florida photos. You did a lot while you were here. Aren't you glad we can take all the photos we want now? Enjoy your week sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  2. Great pics. Don't your just LOVE spring? And isn't it strange to go from summer in Florida, back to Spring at home?


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