Thursday, May 7, 2015


the ocean--
I love love the ocean--
though I am not a beach babe!!!
wait a minute--
am I really in Florida--
or am I still in NY?????
this is the daughters favorite pizza place and that is her going inside!!
they have huge slices of pizza here and cheap--but very good!!!
too hot for me on the actual beach--

we seen these cranes just down on the corner here by the 'kids' house--
there is 2 babies and 2 grown ups!!!
well--gotta go see if my clothes are dry in the dryer--
yep--even here I have to do laundry!!!
wore the 'kid' out--and she needed a break from her mom--
so she left 'me' off here and she took off!!!!
but she did promise to bring supper home when she returned!!!


  1. I'm so jealous! Enjoy every minute. And if you're on the beach, stay under an umbrella most of the time. Did I say Enjoy every minute!!

  2. So happy you made it to Florida. The beach looks so inviting. Enjoy every minute with your loved ones!

  3. I hope you are having a fabulous time! It sure is HOT this week. I always wear dark glasses and a cap to shade my eyes. And sunscreen of course. Take care and enjoy the sights...and good food! Thanks for being my friend. Sweet hugs, Diane


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