Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I don't believe that I got around to taking a photo of the quilt that I got hand quilted and bound before my Florida trip--
and now here is the new one I am hand quilting on--
this one was stitched a while ago--
and it is large and will take forever to hand quilt--
but at least I have started it----

and yesterday here on a blog site --
I saw a cute butterfly--3-D style--
so I rushed into the sewing room and make one--
don't think I have it totally right yet--
and I love antenna's on my butterflies--
so I have some work to do --
but am excited that I make one just the same!!!

and I got a package in the mail yesterday--
this is from a long time pen-pal--
remember those????
I still have one--just wished I could remember how long now we have been exchanging letters and small gifts--think it has to be at least 15 years or more!!

and here is a Walmart story for you!!!
I went there yesterday for a couple things and some groceries--
the bill came to $77--
didn't think too much about it--
after I went to bed late last night--
it hit me--that was kinda high for what I got there--
so added it up in my head and yep--
so I finally got out of bed and looked at the receipt!!
and the clerk had charged me for 12 magazines at $2.49 each--
instead of 12 cans of cat food at 50 cents each--
need I tell you that I went back this morning and got my money back!!!
only problem is--
when my friend Anne came we went to 2 flower centers and I spent $30 on plants
and a outdoor planter for my window ledge!!!!
Easy come--
Easy go!!!!!
Smiles, diandmissgracie


  1. Funny story... glad you thought about it though. I think the second trip only cost you $10 all in all!

  2. Sinta is doing creative math. And we are all very creative don't you think? Plants do equal Happiness - so money well spent.

  3. Milk chocolate please, or white chocolate. Or dark would be okay, too. I have to say, I think you will get more enjoyment out of those flowers than you would from 12 magazines!!! DH planted our flowers about a week ago and looking at them out on our deck makes me happy!

  4. Pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both quilts are nice and bright and cheery! Dark please!

  5. You make the most beautiful quilts...cheerful colors just like I love! Hugs!


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