Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Got all 4 of the wool kits stitched up--

I am still one kit behind--
so next week will get it and July's kit--
so we are stitchin right along!!!

Here is some random photos of the Boat Races here this past week end at the end of the lake--

Lots of cardboard/duck tape boats--
lots and lots of dogs!!!!

lots of food vendors-
and yes--I did get me an ice cream from this booth!!!
lots of costumes--
don't you like that "lady" in the middle???
and even some rock climbing for those 'young' at heart at least!!!
and even though I was worried about all the debris in the lake--
they did get it pretty much cleaned up--
so all went well!!

Smiles, diandmissgracie

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I did some sewing!!!!
I got 2 blocks of a kit done--
(actually have 3 done now--but only photos of the first 2!!)
I did change the  color for the hollyhocks from deep maroon to the light pink--
I know--
I can't leave anything alone!!!

Here is what I am working on --
Each month we get  a new pattern and the wool to make that block--
I have the forgetmenot flower block done--
but again--
I had to change the color of flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and then this morning I prepped the morning glory block--
so will work on that later today!!!

I have never seen the 'muddy' water for the whole lake before--
or at least as far I can see here at the end of the lake--
so the hills have lot less dirt on them now!!!!
Smiles, diandmissgracie

Monday, June 15, 2015


I was busy watching NASCAR--
and all their Red flags for rain-
and was really busy stitching on a wool block--
and I did realize that 'we' had had a couple--three--
heavy rain storms--
but still did not think too much about it--
around 7pm--just after another storm the sun came out--
so out I went with camera in hand to look for a rain bow--
did not find one--
but was surprised to see large puddles of water--
so had fun photographing the reflections into the water--
went down to the lake and was surprised to see how 'high' the water level had gotten from just earlier in the day when I was down there--
and so very muddy--
as I was walking along the boardwalk --
I noticed a line of semi's --stopped--
coming down the hill into town and thought maybe there had been an accident--
Ahh--but no--
it was a flood--
this is on the opposite side of where I took the photo of the trucks and was not taken by me--
I have 'borrowed' it from one of the newsites--
and let me tell you that is alot of water--
most of main street was this bad!!!
this is what it looked like by the time I got there--
with alot of damage along this part of town--
Soon after these photos they did shut down our whole county as all the roads where in bad shape and flooded!!

we have not had alot more rain--
but there is more in the forecast for today and tomorrow--
and we have dark skies!!!

Tomorrow I will show you the stitchery that I did yesterday--ok???
Smiles, diandmissgracie

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


As some of you know--Sunny came to town for a couple days--
with her DH this time--so she did not stay here--
But yesterday-Tuesday -he dropped her off here--
and we chatted all day--
and as it had rained hard all during the night--
as I waited for her arrival --
I did some photos of the rain drops on the flowers--
Then at 4pm we went to the quilt shop and looked and bought--
and then all 3 of us went out to dinner--

Today--Wednesday the 3 of us went on a photo journey--
and went to 3 towns north of here at the end of some of the other Finger Lakes that I had not been too--
and we took photos--lots and lots of photos--
I took 526 of them and only deleted about 30 so far--
9as they were taken from the car window-sooo--)

we stopped at a Farmer's mkt in Seneca Falls--
Then went on to Alburn, NY
and then on to Skaneateles, NY
And we had lunch here--
Which is really Doug's Fish Fry--
and that is what we had--
they had a pretty fish tank--
one very long wall had a huge mural painted on it--
and train tracks running along the ceiling--with running trains!!!
after lunch we went on a big walk and photo shoot--
Main street was full of small great little shops in old buildings--
and all their back doors was on the edge of the lake-
and then we did go check out the park at the end of the lake--
and of course we had to stop at one Quilt shop--even though it was a couple miles out of our way--
So it was a big day--
a fun day--
a memory making kind of day--

Sunday, June 7, 2015


What a difference in weather in the last 2 days--
we nearly froze to death trying to have a rummage sale yesterday--
the wind off the lake was very strong and very cold--
today it is windy--
but the wind is from the south--
so it is warm--and 25 degrees warmer!!!

Here is some photos from my Sunday evening walk--
some flowers in bloom here in the yards--
think there is a 'new' boat in the dock line up this year!!!
another wedding photo shot--
wedding reception is at the Seneca Harbor hotel--
pretty lights inside a wine tasting room--
more flowers around the corner--
and the newest tenant walking his 'kid'!!!!

Have a great week full of fun and smiles--
oh and a bit of work!!!!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2015


I went online this morning to order some more 8x10 mats
 for some of the photos I want to print out--
I mean I have a zillion photos to pick from
 and I think it is about time that I did something with some of them--
But I forgot how much this company charges for shipping!!!!
that amount almost comes to the same price as the 30 mats I want--
I could order 50 mats though and get free shipping for them???
but will I use 50 mats?????
Then again--
I did just sell my first matted photo this morning-soooo???????

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