Monday, June 15, 2015


I was busy watching NASCAR--
and all their Red flags for rain-
and was really busy stitching on a wool block--
and I did realize that 'we' had had a couple--three--
heavy rain storms--
but still did not think too much about it--
around 7pm--just after another storm the sun came out--
so out I went with camera in hand to look for a rain bow--
did not find one--
but was surprised to see large puddles of water--
so had fun photographing the reflections into the water--
went down to the lake and was surprised to see how 'high' the water level had gotten from just earlier in the day when I was down there--
and so very muddy--
as I was walking along the boardwalk --
I noticed a line of semi's --stopped--
coming down the hill into town and thought maybe there had been an accident--
Ahh--but no--
it was a flood--
this is on the opposite side of where I took the photo of the trucks and was not taken by me--
I have 'borrowed' it from one of the newsites--
and let me tell you that is alot of water--
most of main street was this bad!!!
this is what it looked like by the time I got there--
with alot of damage along this part of town--
Soon after these photos they did shut down our whole county as all the roads where in bad shape and flooded!!

we have not had alot more rain--
but there is more in the forecast for today and tomorrow--
and we have dark skies!!!

Tomorrow I will show you the stitchery that I did yesterday--ok???
Smiles, diandmissgracie


  1. Oh my gosh! I'm glad we were there last week and not this week! And I'm glad you live on the second floor. I actually thought the lake level was pretty high last week, but this is incredible. Stay safe and dry.

  2. Goodness hope you stay high and dry! We are very hot and humid here today. Feels like 100+! Had a wee bit of storm pass by yesterday late but not a lot of rain. Out here anyway.

  3. Pleased you kept your place dry... Nice to know you live upstairs...

    Love the cat and kid photo. lol

  4. Hope you are not getting a lot more! You can send some this way cause it all missed us yesterday. Bet that guy with the Porsche was glad it was on a trailer!!

  5. What a lovely last picture! Sorry seeing all the water around. Floods are a hopeless thing, Hope it dryes up everywhere soon! HS and HS to you, Di! ( reads happy sewing and happy summer) :-)


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