Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I did some sewing!!!!
I got 2 blocks of a kit done--
(actually have 3 done now--but only photos of the first 2!!)
I did change the  color for the hollyhocks from deep maroon to the light pink--
I know--
I can't leave anything alone!!!

Here is what I am working on --
Each month we get  a new pattern and the wool to make that block--
I have the forgetmenot flower block done--
but again--
I had to change the color of flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and then this morning I prepped the morning glory block--
so will work on that later today!!!

I have never seen the 'muddy' water for the whole lake before--
or at least as far I can see here at the end of the lake--
so the hills have lot less dirt on them now!!!!
Smiles, diandmissgracie


  1. Lovely BOM you are working on...
    Our ocean is often very muddy when the river mouth breaks through..

  2. Looks really pretty! Can't wait to see the next one! Got to the bottom of your post and lost it! That starter kit is tooooooo funny!!!

  3. I admire your talent so much. I too change things up to please myself. Nice work!

  4. Such a pretty project you are working on. I love that you change up the colors, makes it more "you". Hahaha - Cute little kitty funny.


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