Tuesday, July 28, 2015


my friend Anne did with some blocks I gave her--
the 2 house blocks are from a long time ago--
I really don't even remember giving them to her-
but recognized the fabrics--
the flower wreath block was for another quilt that I had started--
and all the rest of  the blocks where a 'bom' that once again had started and not finished--
I had no idea what to do with them so gave them to Anne last week-
and today she showed up with this--
I just love it!!!
And here is another one of her quilts--
she loves to just put blocks together--
great job, Anne--
for lunch today after a morning of stitching we went through Arbys drive-thu and got
some sandwiches and went to the other end of out lake and ate-
and here is some photos from the point--
this area park is large and has a swimming beach area with it--
and I just love this old tree that borders the swimming area--
It has turned off really hot and humid here this afternoon--
so be cool --
Smiles, diandmissgracie


  1. Looks like Anne is a genius. And a speedy one at that! what is the name of that park? It looks very cool and refreshing. Did you jump in for a swim???

  2. Anne make a gorgeous quilt with your blocks and her Block quilt lovely too.
    what a pretty place to sit for lunch,chat and cool down.

  3. Love the quilts--she is very clever and I know she will miss you when you move.

  4. Aren't the quilts so sweet! And what a great day you had with your friend!


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