Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I may be losing one of my favorite flower gardens to take photos--
it is only one block up the  street and a guy works it every summer who lives in one of the apts--
here is some I took last night--
He has huge moon flowers--
on both sides of his porch--
and he is also creative in how he designs and plants his flowers--
love his pink clematis-and I always get some great photos of these--
different colors of lily's--
there are surprise flowers everywhere in his garden--
I have talked to him off and on for a few years now--
but am worried that his garden days may be over--
and he is only 42--
you see he is sitting in jail today for a 'meth' lab and sales!!!
can't believe it--everyone says the same thing--
he is not one whom anyone expected to being this!!!!



  1. You just never know, do you?

  2. Wow! He has a green thumb and evidently knows what he is doing. Should have put this knowledge to good use. The flowers are beautiful. I love the yellow ones.

  3. purdy

    I have a book to can't be a unicorn today. Maybe next week *wink*

  4. Lovely flowers - I hope someone will take care of the garden.

  5. On, so sorry about this recent, unexpected news. I trust someone will be able to take care of that beautiful garden and he gets the real help he needs. Meth is nasty stuff and it destroys life so quickly and completely. How ironic he lived among so much beauty.


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