Saturday, July 11, 2015


Big boy camera did take me on a walk late yesterday and here is some of his wonderful views--

A neat car parked on main street--

In a garden down the street-
same garden-
and finally a better look inside the huge moon flowers at another garden--

and a wonderful and pretty sunset at the end of the lake--
and yes--yes--yes--
I will miss taking photos down at the lake when I move to Fl--
I did find out that I am the next one on the list for down there--
so really need to be sure I have done my downsizing--
girl friend came today and we loaded up her van with my rummage sale stuff--
as she is have a sale 1st part of August and will see what she can sell for me--
I did get all the closets finished yesterday--for the 3rd time--
still have more to resort though--
where does it all come from????
Smiles, di and missgracie


  1. Lovely photos from your walk. What a job all this down sizing is, it sounds like your move is getting closer...

  2. Beautiful flower pictures! I know you'll miss your lake when you move (and so will I) but you'll have an ocean AND a river!! We got some great pics on the river when we were down there in January.


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