Sunday, August 30, 2015


I believe that I have not fallen--
but have jumped -
down the rabbit hole!!!!!

Yep--I am no longer a New Yorker--

I am now a Floridian--
This is the view from my daughters screened porch--looking across the street--
Got here by plane on Friday at 2pm--

Thursday was the roughest day of the whole journey--
as I still had not found a new forever home for miss gracie--
but I got a phone call about 11:30 that morning and a lady was set on adopting her--
and she showed up in half hour to pick her up--
and she did not care what color she was--she had fallen in love with her name and had seen her picture at one of our local Vets office--
and she bought her cute little granddaughter with her--
and she was also very excited about having miss gracie--

and miss gracies new house mate will be a little dog that loves cat!!!
and yes--
I -- did cry when she left--
it will be hard to not have a pet--but I know that chapter has ended for me--
so on ward I march!!!

I ended up shipping 36 boxes by way of Fedx--
24 in the first batch was shipped on tues and was here on Thursday--
these boxes are in bad shape--they were literally thrown around--
and so far in opening half the boxes I have found some broken items--
so I am not a happy camper--considering what it cost me to ship them--
for the total of the 36 it cost $1,084!!!!!
and then to see the condition of the first 24 is heart aching--
I expect the rest will show up tomorrow--

Dawn and I are working on this computer cause she discovered that the storage on this one is full--
and I know I was having an issue with it before moving down--

I am feeling a bit better--but was very ill the whole month of August--
and in thinking back I realized that I am always ill in August--as we have a huge issue with the sewer plant that literally sat in out back yard there--
that alone has helped me know that I needed to do this move--
but I do confess--
that I am nervous about the future!!!
Smiles, di

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I got another little sweater finished--
And I have a lady hummer--
and she has kept me 'happy' for the last couple days--
I have been having some health issues--
one has been blood pressure--
the dr changed me from one 40mg tablet to 2-20s--
it seems that the 20's though made by the company, they must be doing or adding something differnet
as it has not lowered my blood pressure and has caused lots of side effects--
-- today I was able to get the 40mg again to take and we will see?????
I am not near as ill today as I have been with taking the smaller doses--so here is hoping!!!!
and when I went in yesterday to the dr to get this straightened out they discovered that I have a fever and ear infection--
you have to be kidding me--
I can not ever remember having an ear infection before-(but my right ear doesn't feel good--!!!)
so am on meds for that!!!
I have  a big tree right outside my window and this time of year it has large white blooms on it--
and they fall off--there is more on it this year than I remember in the past--
so is it that?????????????????

Have a great week--

Thursday, August 13, 2015


But then I think that is why we set rules--
so we can break them--right???
this is a rule that I kept for at least 15 years though!!
And that is to only 'hand quilt' my quilts--
but then I had 2 quilts that where just too large for me to do that with
and the tops just sat around in the closet--
so it is finally time to bite the bullet and give  them a real life--
and that meant--
long arm quilting--
here is the first one back and with it's binding on it--
see how large it is--
this is a bom that we did about 9 years ago at my local quilt shop here--
I had the gal do dragon flies on it--
and the binding is from the Downtown Abbey collection--
Oh and the ivy and vine in the center basket was my own addition!!!

I have been really under the weather as they say--all week--
am having a environmental reaction to something or somethings--
and it is affecting my blood pressure--
just what I needed now with sooo many decisions to be made and the work it takes in deciding what
to pack and move and what to still sell!!!!

Hope you are having a great week--
smiles, diandmissgracie
Please pray--miss gracie can not go with me--
we are looking for anew forever home for her--thanks

Friday, August 7, 2015


Maybe you have all decided to come to Watkins Glen and the races this week end!!!
and if not--every body else in the world has decided to come--
town is full full full--
This is our 'big' NASCAR weekend--

But here is some quilt photos--
Anne's projects again--
what a pretty bright and cheery one-
Alice will love this one with all the purple--
the printed fabric with the purple in it is one I gave her!!
and this one has some of my handy work in it-
the birdhouse blocks are mine as is the angle one--and some of the fabrics came from my stash--
Anne sure is creative with my 'leftovers'!!!

Had to walk to the post office this morning--
and of course the camera went with me--
and this is a porch I seen on the way that I fell in love with!!
could of grabbed some quilting or knitting and just walked up on that porch and sat meself down and went to work !!!

Have my move date--or should I say that they called with a apartment move in date of Sept 11 th-
will be going down at least a week ahead of time as I am selling so much and the daughter and I will need to do some shopping----
so life just got busier and scarier for me!!
I have been working all week on getting some of my pile of quilt tops basted to backings and battings--and on the table now is the tall Christmas tree wall hanging I made last year--
hope to get that one done today--also--
got my first quilt back from the long arm lady and hope to get the binding stitched on that this week end--gotta do something while watching cars go around and around the track!!!
I am on my next to last block of the wool bom--so am stitchin right along these days!!

Hope everyone has a delightful week end with friends and family--
smiles, diandmissgracie

Monday, August 3, 2015


I got 2 more blocks for the wool quilt finished--
and a 3rd one is half done--
the lily of the valley block is new and so is the zinnia one on the bottom left corner--
think I could of gotten the zinnia's even brighter colors--the pattern had them all pretty much in a pale green and off white--so mine is brighter than there's is!!!
the block I am working on now is black eyed susan's and there is about 7 blooms and there is alot
of stitching around those--let me tell you!!!!

And this morning I am working on the this quilt top
replaced the outer border on this one this morning--
it measures 55x75 and I think it is too large for me to hand quilt--
as I only quilt in my lap--so that is alot of fabric to twist and turn!!!
so when I get the backing pieced this may walk itself over to the quilt shop to be long armed!!!
I have had this top done for a very long time and if I hand quilt it--
it will be a much longer time yet before I can enjoy it--soooo???????????????

And here is a picture of  'little' fish I seen last night down by the end of the lake!!
I mean 'big' fish--he was huge!!!

Have a great week--
smiles, diandmissgracie

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