Sunday, August 30, 2015


I believe that I have not fallen--
but have jumped -
down the rabbit hole!!!!!

Yep--I am no longer a New Yorker--

I am now a Floridian--
This is the view from my daughters screened porch--looking across the street--
Got here by plane on Friday at 2pm--

Thursday was the roughest day of the whole journey--
as I still had not found a new forever home for miss gracie--
but I got a phone call about 11:30 that morning and a lady was set on adopting her--
and she showed up in half hour to pick her up--
and she did not care what color she was--she had fallen in love with her name and had seen her picture at one of our local Vets office--
and she bought her cute little granddaughter with her--
and she was also very excited about having miss gracie--

and miss gracies new house mate will be a little dog that loves cat!!!
and yes--
I -- did cry when she left--
it will be hard to not have a pet--but I know that chapter has ended for me--
so on ward I march!!!

I ended up shipping 36 boxes by way of Fedx--
24 in the first batch was shipped on tues and was here on Thursday--
these boxes are in bad shape--they were literally thrown around--
and so far in opening half the boxes I have found some broken items--
so I am not a happy camper--considering what it cost me to ship them--
for the total of the 36 it cost $1,084!!!!!
and then to see the condition of the first 24 is heart aching--
I expect the rest will show up tomorrow--

Dawn and I are working on this computer cause she discovered that the storage on this one is full--
and I know I was having an issue with it before moving down--

I am feeling a bit better--but was very ill the whole month of August--
and in thinking back I realized that I am always ill in August--as we have a huge issue with the sewer plant that literally sat in out back yard there--
that alone has helped me know that I needed to do this move--
but I do confess--
that I am nervous about the future!!!
Smiles, di


  1. What the heck? The move was a little earlier than expected????? Sooooooooooooo glad Miss Gracie found a good home. Email me your phone number.We need to talk. I hope you feel so much better down there, although I will miss having you so close.

  2. Goodluck... I hope everything settles down now you have made the move....

  3. how wonderful Miss Gracie s new adopted Mum is sew caring and that she has a dog friend too...
    Do hope your next lot of boxes are okay....lots of Hugz from Down Under.
    Don't forget to send me you snail mail address when get settled. XXX

  4. Glad Miss Gracie found a good home... now to get you settled. Moving is always a trial and battered boxes don't make anyone happy. I hope the rest come in better shape. Give yourself time to adjust... it is a BIG change... Rome wasn't built in a day and it will take time to get your new life in Florida figured out. HUGS!!!!

  5. Oh Di! I am so glad that you have made it to Florida, but I am so sad about Miss Gracie. I know that it truly was very upsetting, but, thankfully she has a good home with people to love her.
    What a disaster with all your boxes! I think some people just don't care how they handle other peoples things. Hopefully the others will be okay.
    i think you are going to really like being in Florida. I know the weather will be better for you. And once you get settled and get to meet others, it will start to feel like home. Big hug sent your way. Take care!

  6. Oh wow, I'm pleased you are in one piece (just by the sounds of it) but so disappoining about your boxes. So pleased you found an ideal home for Miss Gracie, I'm sure she will fall in love with her new family. Sending you hugs as you settle in. When you get a chance please can you send me your new postal address.

  7. So glad for you and your new adventure Di. I'm also glad Miss Gracie found a new home where she will be loved. Hugs!


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