Monday, August 3, 2015


I got 2 more blocks for the wool quilt finished--
and a 3rd one is half done--
the lily of the valley block is new and so is the zinnia one on the bottom left corner--
think I could of gotten the zinnia's even brighter colors--the pattern had them all pretty much in a pale green and off white--so mine is brighter than there's is!!!
the block I am working on now is black eyed susan's and there is about 7 blooms and there is alot
of stitching around those--let me tell you!!!!

And this morning I am working on the this quilt top
replaced the outer border on this one this morning--
it measures 55x75 and I think it is too large for me to hand quilt--
as I only quilt in my lap--so that is alot of fabric to twist and turn!!!
so when I get the backing pieced this may walk itself over to the quilt shop to be long armed!!!
I have had this top done for a very long time and if I hand quilt it--
it will be a much longer time yet before I can enjoy it--soooo???????????????

And here is a picture of  'little' fish I seen last night down by the end of the lake!!
I mean 'big' fish--he was huge!!!

Have a great week--
smiles, diandmissgracie

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