Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I got another little sweater finished--
And I have a lady hummer--
and she has kept me 'happy' for the last couple days--
I have been having some health issues--
one has been blood pressure--
the dr changed me from one 40mg tablet to 2-20s--
it seems that the 20's though made by the company, they must be doing or adding something differnet
as it has not lowered my blood pressure and has caused lots of side effects--
-- today I was able to get the 40mg again to take and we will see?????
I am not near as ill today as I have been with taking the smaller doses--so here is hoping!!!!
and when I went in yesterday to the dr to get this straightened out they discovered that I have a fever and ear infection--
you have to be kidding me--
I can not ever remember having an ear infection before-(but my right ear doesn't feel good--!!!)
so am on meds for that!!!
I have  a big tree right outside my window and this time of year it has large white blooms on it--
and they fall off--there is more on it this year than I remember in the past--
so is it that?????????????????

Have a great week--


  1. Wonder if the ear infection was messing with your meds? Stranger things have happened. Hummers are fun. I have two juvies hanging out with me, a brother and sister, and they are a riot! They keep me well entertained. Hope you are feeling better soon. Love your sweater.

  2. Cute little sweater! I hope you don't fall apart before you leave for sunny Florida. I have a cold, and with all my other issues right now, it'[s not fun. But . . .what do you do? Hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. Hope you are doing better Di. I know you are getting ready to move. I'm so excited for you!


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