Sunday, September 6, 2015


I finally after a couple years or more--
got another block stitched for the North woods quilt-
not sure why it came out so puckery--

as it was not doing that earlier--
and I have started another block in this series--
I like stitching out on my daughter's screened in porch after breakfast mornings!!

and I got another baby sweater finished--
I do need to look for some more baby buttons for these sweaters once I get moved in and organized--

My daughter and I did go do some furniture shopping yesterday and I got a few pieces I need--but still have more to do--

Hope everyone is having a great 3 day week end-
Smiles, di


  1. Hi Di. I am very happy that you have something to do to keep you busy. When will you get into your new home? Is it close in? Will you be close to your daughter then? I hope that you will like it and it will be a great place to live.Please let us know all about your new "digs". Big hug!

  2. Hi Di,
    So you finally did it - moved that is. I am glad you found a new home for Miss Gracie. And so exciting with a new home and new shops :-)
    Can I still use your old e-mail address?
    Wishing you all the best, hugs ..

  3. Lovely to see you are getting some stitching and knitting done... Will it be long before you move into your own home ? Hugz and XXX

  4. I love those blocks you are doing. Hopefully you can de-poof it somehow. Glad you are relaxing and getting things done. The sweater is precious. If you find a nice dresser, send it my way!!!


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