Thursday, October 29, 2015


I actually got some cleaning and some decorating done today--
and my gift from Maria is now in it's place of honor--
this is the space on the back wall as you walk into the kitchen--
and I did hang this up--no excuse me--
my son hung this rack up for the last time he was here--
the main colors for the new kitchen are red, lime green, yellow and black--
my new set of pots and pans are black--

bunnies are now on top of the refrigerator here--
these bunnies were boughten years ago at a dollar store--
so they were--yep you guessed it-- a dollar a piece--
had gotten them for Easter--but have always kept them out--
and I was so surprised and delightfully happy that they made the trip down here by Fedex and did not get broken as so many of my treasures did!!
and this corner has old and new memories in it--
the crewel embroidery coffee pot and basket of donuts is something my mother stitched many years ago, the photo was taken probably 15 years ago of me and my 2 sisters, the jar with the purple butterfly on it was from a friend in NY for my last birthday and the tea cup was boughten down here while looking for new furniture--oh and then there is the one lone chicken--she is the only chicken I kept from my collection in NY--she  just seems to always make me smile when I see her--and she is shaped just like me!!!
the view out my bedroom window last evening--

Have a great day-
with smiles, di

Sunday, October 25, 2015


This is the hand quilting project that I am working on right now--
Remember the 6 1/2 foot paper pieced tree that I sewed together last fall--???
I am actually getting it hand quilted this year--
can you make out that this is a snowflake stencil???
I am at least 2/3 the way done with the body of the tree--
but got lots of stitching yet to do--
try to stitch 2 snowflakes each day--

and here is the sunrise this morning--
how golden is this!!

and I have been having problems with the spots on the photos again--
ever since I got here--and they have gotten worse--
stupid me did try this morning to clean the camera --
and you can guess what happened--
it is worse than ever--so my not be able to do photos until it goes into the shop for another $50 cleaning--crazy--do all camera's have this problem or just mine???
Smiles, di

Friday, October 23, 2015


I have received 2 lovely packages this week in the mail--
the first one is from--
and a wonderful blog friend by the name of Raewyn-
and this is what she sent me--
2 generous samples of what she uses behind her embroidery work for me to try--
and yesterday I did buy an iron so now I can try these out over the week end--
Thank you so very much Raewyn--

and then yesterday another package came--
this one is from--
and my dear friend Maria--
and this is what she sent me--
a pretty wall hanging and a neat card--
How pretty is this???
this is Jenny's Vintage Kitchen bom--
I did start the series, but did them on dish towels and sent them to others--
and I do have the perfect place to hang this--
once I get the new iron out of the box and heated up so I can iron the creases out of this from the shipping--up she will go--
Thank you so much Maria!!

and as a side note here--
My DD brought me a package that came in her mail box this week--
it had some NY mail in it--
mostly about the moving change--
but there was 4 large Vanity Fair magazines in the package--
and they do have my name and address on the label--
But I have no idea why I am getting them--
I sure never ordered them--hummmmm?????

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Why I moved to Florida from NY--
one was for the sunshine and fresher air to breathe--
and two was to be near my 2 grown kids--daughter, Dawn and son, Dan!!
there was a 3rd reason--
you see when I was here on vacation in May--
I discovered a new cracker--
and I looked and looked for these in NY--
finally decided I had to move to Florida to get me some--
I am a label reader and had read the label for the ingredients and found them somewhat safe--
but for got to read the other label--
so you see how much sodium is in these crackers--
actually at first it doesn't seem that bad--
but then now read how many crackers you can eat for that 120mg of sodium--
----only 2---
of these rather small crackers--
that really is alot of sodium in my book--

I seen a full rainbow last night out my window--it did the full arch that enclosed this apartment complex--but could only get one end in the photo--did run downstairs and out the door hoping to get a better shot--only--I could not see any of the rainbow once outside!!!
smiles, di
I think someone is finding some 'treats'!!

Monday, October 19, 2015


one of the things that has interested me in watching since I got here is--
the dragon flies--
they are everywhere--
just flyin here and there--

so now is this a small plane in the sky--
it sure looks like a helicopter, doesn't it????
but wait--
it is really just a --
a very large dragonfly!!
so they come in different sizes her--
from small to extra extra large!!

colors--look again at the first photo and the color of it and then this one--
they are really pretty things aren't they???

we have had some hard winds here for 2 days----but nice temps--high 70's-low 80's so I am not complaining!!!
smiles, di

Saturday, October 17, 2015


I had '2' goals yesterday and I am happy to say that I did accomplish both--
first  one was to finish hand quilting on the little civil war quilt--
can't put the border on this one yet as I still do not have a sewing machine, iron, or iron board--soon--hopefully!!!
and this morning I decided on the next hand quilted project--it will be a larger one--and one I hope to get done by Christmas!!

and the second goal was to finish this baby sweater--
and I did get another sweater started--
this next one has my favorite color in it????
and when taking these photos this morning I realized that I had not taken a photo of the last sweater that I got knitted so added it--
downloaded the photos and discovered that the color of the sweater was coming out completely wrong--so took a couple more--
still no luck not even in the editing of it--
so got out the small camera and took a couple photos--
and still the actual color did not even come close to the actual color--
here it is though--
and neither of these is even close to it--
the solid color is a pretty teal--not blue--
see the teal in the variegated part of the sweater--that is the shade of the solid one--!!!
stupid cameras--usually my photos come out really true to the color--have no idea why this color is so mean to photography!!!

Have a fun and safe week end everyone-
smiles, di
this is for all my 'cold' friends up north!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


One of the things that amazes me here in Florida is --
the sky is sooo big and wide open here and the clouds literately seem to pile one on top of the other--
and then you have this big huge beautiful pile of clouds--
see what I mean--
up in New York they were flat--
one of the things I love about flying is seeing the clouds from above them--
took this photo on my way to Florida in May--
but now I can stand on the ground and look up or out the window and there is those same fluffy clouds piling up--
and when you get fluffy piled high clouds and the sun is setting--it is almost like getting a piece of a rainbow each night!!
even the flatter looking clouds are sooo pretty at sunset!!!

have a great big wonder day--
smiles, di

Sunday, October 4, 2015


So now it is time for a happy dance--
this was time consuming--yet alot of fun and did keep me entertained for awhile--
can you make out the cats in this cloud???
the other night I dreamed of a kitten and it was orange and black tiger--
no white--it was a very beautiful kitten and I did want to adopt it!!!

I am still waiting for my girl friend back in NY to sell my bed so that I can buy a printer, sewing machine, iron and ironing board--so help me with saying a prayer for this sale--thanks--
now I need to get back to hand stitching--
oh--now wait a minute--
I did buy an adult coloring book Thursday while in Walmart--
maybe I should play with that first!!!!

Look what I found to add to my feather collection!!
Smiles, di

Friday, October 2, 2015


wondering where all the colorful leaves are???
that's right I now live in the sunshine state and we don't have colorful fall leaves here--

I have been busy though--
I know why I don't read or do puzzles in my apartment???
cause once I start a book or a puzzle I do nothing else until they are finished--
the book I read was--
really good and once I started it I had it read in about 30 hours--course there was eating an sleeping time included in that time--
and then I started this puzzle this week--
this is a large 3 foot puzzle so am glad that I got a table with an extra leaf--
have a lot more done on it since these photos but am not done yet--
Here is a momma racoon that they say has babies near by--
she is under the dock going down to the sitting area over the river--

have had a busy week here--
***I made it to all 3 exercise classes this week
***Tues afternoon I learned how to play Bunco and had a ball doing that
***Tues night was Bingo night --no wins for me!!!
***Thurs morning I had blood work done with my DD whom had to have some done too--
then we went out to breakfast and to get my FL ID card done--but did not have the right paper--but after a quick trip here and then back we did get that done--( was $32 here--only was $10 in NY!!)
then we did some shopping--
***after exercise class, today, I went back down to the community room to hear a talk about skin cancer--
Yep--life here is much busier and there is alot to do --
oh and yes--
there is still photos to take---
here is one of an eagle--
taken from the dock--
and here is one of the sunset last night--

Hope everyone has a great week end-
smiles, di

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