Saturday, October 17, 2015


I had '2' goals yesterday and I am happy to say that I did accomplish both--
first  one was to finish hand quilting on the little civil war quilt--
can't put the border on this one yet as I still do not have a sewing machine, iron, or iron board--soon--hopefully!!!
and this morning I decided on the next hand quilted project--it will be a larger one--and one I hope to get done by Christmas!!

and the second goal was to finish this baby sweater--
and I did get another sweater started--
this next one has my favorite color in it????
and when taking these photos this morning I realized that I had not taken a photo of the last sweater that I got knitted so added it--
downloaded the photos and discovered that the color of the sweater was coming out completely wrong--so took a couple more--
still no luck not even in the editing of it--
so got out the small camera and took a couple photos--
and still the actual color did not even come close to the actual color--
here it is though--
and neither of these is even close to it--
the solid color is a pretty teal--not blue--
see the teal in the variegated part of the sweater--that is the shade of the solid one--!!!
stupid cameras--usually my photos come out really true to the color--have no idea why this color is so mean to photography!!!

Have a fun and safe week end everyone-
smiles, di
this is for all my 'cold' friends up north!!!


  1. Where are you putting your sweaters to photo them? Do you have any natural light? I do a lot of photos out on my deck, and if the weather isn't good, I just get as close to the patio doors as I can. I can tell the teal sweater is very pretty. I saw SLEET today!!!!! And wore long pants for the first time. No more leg shaving for me.

  2. Nice mini and Like Sunny said you can see the teal in the varigated sweater is pretty..
    Hmmm!! I am in the leg shaving weather here now....

  3. Good to see you are keeping busy :-)
    Don't you miss that crisp cold air and pretty frost on the grass in the mornings??? Just kidding! I love the autumn colours, but wish it could be a bit warmer at the same time :-) Hugs!

  4. hmmm...we're going to need a sweater for our Piddy. She doesn't even like our AC.


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