Wednesday, October 14, 2015


One of the things that amazes me here in Florida is --
the sky is sooo big and wide open here and the clouds literately seem to pile one on top of the other--
and then you have this big huge beautiful pile of clouds--
see what I mean--
up in New York they were flat--
one of the things I love about flying is seeing the clouds from above them--
took this photo on my way to Florida in May--
but now I can stand on the ground and look up or out the window and there is those same fluffy clouds piling up--
and when you get fluffy piled high clouds and the sun is setting--it is almost like getting a piece of a rainbow each night!!
even the flatter looking clouds are sooo pretty at sunset!!!

have a great big wonder day--
smiles, di


  1. awwwww...we're together when it comes to our Florida skies.

  2. Great clouds! And I love your kitty with the sky raisins. We frequently have those at our house!

  3. The clouds are amazing. Sometimes you can look at them and see animals and things. I love looking at them.

  4. Great cloud photos....
    Your puzzle in the previous post looks great...

  5. Gorgeous clouds. We play the cloud game when we drive to my mom's house. Good way to pass a couple of hours!


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