Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Why I moved to Florida from NY--
one was for the sunshine and fresher air to breathe--
and two was to be near my 2 grown kids--daughter, Dawn and son, Dan!!
there was a 3rd reason--
you see when I was here on vacation in May--
I discovered a new cracker--
and I looked and looked for these in NY--
finally decided I had to move to Florida to get me some--
I am a label reader and had read the label for the ingredients and found them somewhat safe--
but for got to read the other label--
so you see how much sodium is in these crackers--
actually at first it doesn't seem that bad--
but then now read how many crackers you can eat for that 120mg of sodium--
----only 2---
of these rather small crackers--
that really is alot of sodium in my book--

I seen a full rainbow last night out my window--it did the full arch that enclosed this apartment complex--but could only get one end in the photo--did run downstairs and out the door hoping to get a better shot--only--I could not see any of the rainbow once outside!!!
smiles, di
I think someone is finding some 'treats'!!


  1.'re enduring our summers for a cracker. That's phunny.

    At least our gorgeous season is coming in.

  2. Hmm you will have to go easy on the crackers......
    Lovely rainbow....
    Love the squirrel photo.

  3. So does this mean you're moving back to NY?!?! You'll just have to ration out your crackers. Piece of cake. Or cracker, as the case may be. Don't give them up totally!


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