Sunday, December 20, 2015


not money--
real cookie dough--
Thought I would share this year's baking with you--
First up though is my very old cookie cookbook--
I have had this cooky book all my adult life so it has seen many baking adventures--
with it being mostly used at Christmas time--
it holds my favorite yearly recipes--
First up--
Is the Russian Tea cakes, or as some know them as Sandies--
my mom always made these too--just wasn't Christmas without them--
I always use red and green sprinkles on mine--
these are my all time favorites that I discovered in this  book and you can see that I bake them every year when I make Christmas cookies--

they are called Cooky candies--very easy recipe and no chillin--so you can mix them up and shape them and bake them and later you add melted chocolate chips for the frosting and decorate them--
super easy and very very yummy!!!
Christmas bells--these where and are my daughters favorite and in fact she baked these this year--but I have certainly baked my share of them down though the years--I usually color mine blue and yellow--
and I have made 2 different kinds of sugar cookies in the past--
the main one is called 'Aunt Judy's sugar cookies' and is a recipe that my mom handed down to us--the Aunt Judy refers to her older sister--these have nutmeg in them and are fat and soft and puffy cookies--other times I have made the Ethel's  sugar cookies in the book and have written on it that it is easy to make--

And here is a cute story--
I was using this spoon to add the sprinkles and colored sugar on the cookies the day that my daughter was helping--
and she noticed it and said she had one like it---
I told her that I often use it for eating my ice cream with it--
and she said she did too!!
Family can have the same develop the same habits even when they are not close for years!!
I don't know where I got this spoon or when--I just know I have had it years--
she can't remember how she got here's either--maybe Santa brought them to us, long time ago???

Smiles, di


  1. I was planning to send out a search party for you today. I guess I'll come myself and help myself to some cookies instead! I bet it smells good around there!

  2. Everything looks yummy! You have been very busy! There is something about Christmas baking that makes the house smell so wonderful. Thanks again for my gift. It was so thoughtful of you. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Nola


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