Monday, December 28, 2015


I am always so thankful and grateful to my blog friends and other friend--
they are the ones whom seem to know me the best and give me the best gifts--
so here goes--
gifts from my friend Sunny--
did you notice how the snowman is melting in the Florida sunshine--
and notice the word on the mug--Believe!!
Thanks so much Sunny--
and from Shell--I got a packet of charm squares and just love these colors and have never had these chocolates before--though have seen advertising for them--and yes I did have one yesterday--the coffee one and boy did it smell like coffee--
Thanks so much Shell--
and this little hoop with the hand stitching came from Nola--
how pretty--this will probably stay out all year this year--
Thanks so much Nola--
And these came by way of Norway from my 'longest' reading and commenting blog friend, Anne-Lise--she said one is for winter and one is for summer and they are perfect for my glass of water that I always have sitting around--
thanks so much, Anne-Lise--
This is a red dish towel, small note pad and a dunkin donuts gift card from a long time pen-pal--and yes we still write actual letters back and forth a few times a year--think we have been friends for over 15 years now!!
Thanks so much Cindy-
The gingerbread things are mitts for your fingers for removing hot items from the toaster oven (or a microwave, if you have one--I don't!!!) and a Danica key ring--
from my 'old' housekeeper at the Jefferson up north!!
Thanks so much Melinda--
And from my friend Anne up north--I got chocolates, threads, 2 sets of charm packs and a cute Valentine wool project and not pictured is a beautiful Cat calendar--
Thanks so much Anne--I miss you!!

And on Christmas morning I found   this pretty necklace and Christmas card taped to my door from a new neighbor who lives 2 doors down--
thanks so much Lucy!!
So that is it for now--though I am expecting a couple late packages yet!!!
Have some fun time this week--
Are you setting up your goals list for 2016???
smiles, di


  1. All of your gifts are very lovely. (And Sunny's pillow is so funny!) You certainly are blessed. How did you like your Christmas weather? Was it nicely there than your old place?

  2. Merry Christmas! Looks like your friends know exactly the things you like! That pillow is beautiful!

  3. Love that ornament that Nola stitched! Looks like you got some fun goodies, and you're all set with charm squares and chocolate for the New Year! I've been thinking about my goals a lot lately.

  4. Beautiful gifts form your friends.. Love Sunnys meting snowman...
    And I got a lovely surprise in the post box today...
    Thank you sew much for my gorgeous handmade gifts...


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