Sunday, December 13, 2015


I did get to go shopping yesterday--
DD picked me up around 3:30 and we drove out to Hobby Lobby--
as they have the baby yarn that I use on sale--
and these are the combo's that I got yesterday--
Ahh--yes you do see some 'orangey' colored yarn there!!
there is enough for 3 sweaters here and then leftover solid colors --
this is a nice soft 100% cotton yarn--
also bought these 2--
so I can make some more of these--
yarn hats--lots of fun to make--these are made from the bits of yarn from the baby sweaters!!!

these are for another project I want to do--

Hope you can see that that small package is reindeer--they are felt cutouts and sooo cute--have no idea what I will do with them yet--they were my only impulse buy!!
and the boxes of colored pencils are the same--one is for a gift and one is a gift to me, from me!!!!

I got some fabric for the binding on this tall Christmas tree wall hanging--
they sure did not have hardly any Christmas fabric left--maybe 4 bolts, if that!!!

A little story --
As my daughter and I was going down the isle at Hobby Lobby I seen a mom with a stroller and a cute baby in the stroller, so I turned to my daughter and said--loudly--all I want for Christmas is one of these-- and even though I was still aways from the baby--that baby smiled sooo big-
and I did reach down and talk to her a bit and she was full of smiles, and even wanted to grab ahold of my finger--she couldn't of been much more than 3 months old--I, of course told her, that when she messed her pants or cried, she would have to go back to her mom!! and of course she smiled again!!
What a precious bundle of joy that baby girl is!!

Well--I got another Christmas gift hand prepped this morning and now need to go work on it-want to get it in the mail on Wed--the daughters and mine next outing!!

Smiles, di


  1. I made a few of those yarn hats last year at Christmas... They're so cute! :0)

  2. Gorgeous colors for your little sweaters. Looks like you have lots of fun Christmas crafts to keep you out of trouble. I'm so glad you're able to spend time with your DD on a regular basis!

  3. Sew nice to go shopping with your DD. you purchased some lovely goodies that will keep you busy.

  4. I love all of the pretty colors of yarn and colored pencils, too! I still need to learn to make those little hats. I was going to try to make one big enough for one of my dolls! It's on my list! Holiday hugs, Diane

  5. Yarn shopping is dangerous territory for much eye candy!!! I have to limit these opportunities...
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy that daughter of yours!


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