Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Even though Christmas is basically over--
I have still been busy on some projects--
I got this stocking finished in knitting--
and have since started a second on in blue--
why?? have no idea why-- at this time!!!
Remember me showing you the little yarn hats I made??
and remember that I gave my DD a couple for her tree--
well-she made one for her girl friend and then she seen these--
the little mittens that I had knitted a couple years ago and she wanted a set to add to her hat for her girl friend--
I got 3 sets done--though only 2 are here--the reddish ones are for her girl friend--
the blues one are for me and I used left over yarn from Anne's socks for that set and then a 3rd set is for my daughter for her tree to go with the hats I gave her--!!

One of the male neighbors here is fostering this cute dog--the neighbor is 89 years young--I am happy for him--he said he was tired of being lonely--(and he still drives!!!)
and I have been cleaning and reorganizing--
so that is keeping me busy for now--
What have you been up to???
Smiles, di


  1. Adorable little minis! What could you possibly have to clean and organize? Didn't you just move? Happy New Year.

  2. LOL, yes Sunny's right. What would you clean and organise??
    You could keep the stockings for next year. fill they with some soap, toothpaste etc for someone in need...
    Those tiny hats and mittens are sew cute..

  3. Cute mittens! I have been busy mending (!), even changed a fly zipper for youngest son - he always brings projects home for me to fix :)
    Now we are getting ready to brave fireworks with Edda; long walk, treats, medication, blackout and rowdy film on tv :) Happy New Year, Di!

  4. So cute! Love tiny things :)
    I fell off the house-cleaning wagon this week...and now I need to get right back on. There was some actual progress made in December, and it will all go downhill again if I don't crank up the effort.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. I came over to see yours and I love those tiny mittens. I've never knit anything that tiny and they sure are cute. I hope you have a healthy, happy new year in your new home, too.


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