Monday, December 7, 2015


Today's post is about my new '3' angels--
I was really really depressed yesterday--
having the MCS issue can cause one to be easily depressed and it doesn't have to be a mental issue--it can be caused by what chemicals one was around the past day or so--
but it still doesn't help when one is feeling so depressed--
I finally decided that I just needed to get out and about and to even get outside in some sun shine--as I had mainly been inside for a few days--

First I did walk all the halls and did take alot of photos of the door and tree decorations--
then as I was photoing some decorations in the community room, a group of teens and adults came in and I discovered that they were doing a program for Christmas in there at 2:00 and had also brought refreshments to share with everyone--
I continued on outside and was sitting in the sun watching more and more teens arrive--
finally '3' girls came back outside and over to me and asked me about coming to the program--
I really was not sure I wanted to do this--but told them I would think about it--knowing I probably would not go back down---came home--

was sitting in my chair when I looked up and seen it was a bit after 2, still not intending to go down--when I had a thought--"that I needed to go down so that those '3' young ladies would know that those couple of minutes they took to speak to me was worth their effort--"--and I wanted to give them a gift so that they would remember this and I found 3 tiny stockings that I had knitted last year and put them in my pocket, grabbed the camera and went down--
I was able to hear the program and enjoy the singing sitting in the living room area outside of the community room and when it was over, I asked one of the adults if I could get a group photo of all the teens--and she thought that was a fine idea--

After the main photo was I was able to get my '3' new angels to pose for a photo and I was able to give them the stockings and tell them to never not take a minute to speak to someone else--you never know how you might change someone or help them out of a bad day!!
The group also brought 'goodie' bags for each tenant that they passed out to each apartment after the program--

Oh and something else that surprised me about this  group, besides their politeness and happiness to be here--there was 14 boys and only 5 girls in the group!!!!
smiles, di


  1. How awesome! It just takes a minute to change someone's day, and I'm glad they spoke to you on this day. It was very sweet of you to take small gifts to them. But of course, you're always very sweet!!

  2. Gosh what a great experience, Di. A good lesson learned - you never know what a difference a few moments of your time can mean :-)

  3. What a lovely group of kids - I am glad you decided to listen to them :-)
    Big hugs!

  4. How very thoughtful of the young teens to invite you to join them. I am sure they will treasure your wee stockings...


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