Sunday, January 31, 2016


Sometimes we have plans for what we want to  get done in a day--
then something comes up and we have to leave our "to-do-lists"
and just go and have some fun--
My daughter called about 1:00 yesterday and said,
'put your walking shoes on and meet me downstairs"
so like a 'dutiful' mom--I did--just threw on the shoes and grabbed the purse and a bottle of water and out the door I went--
Our first stop was at
Renninger's flea market--
we did alot of walking--seen alot--
and we each bought one 'treasure'--
I bought this--
a new purse--
and it was only $10--I have been looking for something new--
but most purses are way tooo big or a bit too small for me--
I can also put my  big camera in this one as I couldn't my old purse--
and I love that it has the water bottle holder on the outside!!
the daughter got a pretty lacy white top--

then we went up the road a bit to the new animal control shelter--
Oh my what a nice new place that was--lots of dogs--and unfortunately they were almost all the same type of dog--no collies, German shepherds or anything of the kind--just bull/pit dog types!!
and about a dozen cats!!

then we went here--
Red Robins for some supper--
and yes they do make a delicious burger and fries--
I do have to say that I have eaten more beef and bread since I moved here, than in the last 2-3 years in NY--!!!bad girl!!
and then we went to Walmart to do a bit of shopping and to walk off that burger--and we needed to walk it off, toooo!!

So--where am on my list--
not sure-
but here is where I am on some projects--
On the Orchid quilt blocks--
another block is complete --
and the last block is started--
here is the pattern--

The first 2 blocks of this quilt are now all prepped and I did decide and cut the background fabric this morning for them--so now to get to stitching on these--this is a basket quilt--

and I picked out the threads and fabric for January and Feb blocks for this counted cross stitching project--so it is ready to start--
and I forgot to show you the fabric that I picked for the back of my word quilt--

and here is all the wool blocks --
and I have decided to use flannel for the lattice and borders on this quilt--
so I guess I need to go do some online shopping--

Have a great day with some
love and laughter, di


  1. Your woolie blocks are just adorable! Good momma...glad you are enjoying those spontaneous moments!

  2. Wow! You certainly had a geat day. Love your blocks and the bicycle fabric is terific!

  3. Fun day! Cute purse, and so glad it's just the right size. I love that bicycle fabric. And I LOVE Red Robin! Make sure you sign up for their birthday club, so you get a free birthday burger. Yummy!

  4. Very cute purse. Lots of cute sewing projects in your sewing room. The Orchid quilt blocks are beautiful.


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