Thursday, January 7, 2016


Well--I did it-
got the first bom done for 2016--
and I got the 2nd stocking knitted for next Christmas--
and every time I walked past this snowman tin--

I heard a noise--
so today I had to investigate it--
and discovered that Mr Polar Bear wanted out so he could--
meet his new lady friend that Alice sent me!!
aren't they cute together???

and look what my oven 'popped' out this morning--
Blueberry muffins from a favorite recipe of my Mom's--
they are for supper with the kids tonight!!

How is your week/day going???
Love, di


  1. Cute Polar bears. I hope they don't melt down there. And now I'm in the mood for blueberry muffins. Gee thanks. LOL! Your reindeer block is very cute.

  2. Oh Di your reindeer is gorgeous... Do I have to make one too??
    Loving stockings and how cute are those polar bears...
    Blueberry muffins are my favorite.. Yours look delicious!!

  3. Glad the polar bears are getting along!!! Maybe I will start with the reindeer block cause yours sure are cute!! Hmmmmm!The muffins look yummy too!

  4. Great start to the New Year, alright, Di! love your reindeer - I considered doing that one but (like your previous post) too many UFOs down here :-) Cute wee polatr bears and stockings too. Those muffins look delish. PS love your little snowmen from the previous post!

  5. your deer is adorable! your muffins look so so good. YUM


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