Tuesday, January 5, 2016


to the New Year--
I got 2 projects prepped yesterday---
and this morning I actually got it stitched==
now to hand applique the antlers on this afternoon--

and I am designing a Valentines one for the door hanging--
and this one got marked and is all ready to be appliqued--
so guess what I will be doing later--

Also--just finished a second snowman embroidery piece --

I have a 3rd one started--these are from Michelle R-patterns--
not sure how I am going to finish them off yet????

and I was 'bad' as I did a small order from Bunny Hill this morning--
needed some pastel colors of wool (real wool not felt) and got 2 patterns for projects for gifts--at least that is the plan right now--she has 25% off everything right now so was a good time to order!!

And I got another Christmas package in the mail yesterday--
and I did open it--though I kept wondering if I had to wait until Christmas of 2016 to open it!!
these delightful goodies came for Alice--
and that 'orange' is dark chocolate with mint filling--
oh my--is it yummy!!
and I love the 2 purple fabrics and can't wait to use them in something--
and that dark blue thingy is a seam ripper--it is so fun to play with!!
and now my furry polar bear that I got last year now has a partner--is it Christmas 2016 yet so I can get them together !!

Are you ready to see my shelf of fabric--

this is all the fabric-- other than a wire basket of Christmas fabrics--
a big difference to what I had in NY huh??????
the wire basket here has charm packs in it--
yet when I look at this amount--I wonder if I will ever sew it all up--
and I do still have lots of ufo's--I think they multiple when one is not looking--
as I know I worked really hard in the beginning of last year to finish up alot of ufo's--yet-- I have a bunch of them to finish that I did bring!!

Still kinda working on my 'word' for 2016--
smiles, di


  1. You've got some great projects to work on! I love the little snow globe. And I recognize that basket that your rulers are stored in. I bought a lazy Susan basket that day, and it's Perfect for what I wanted. Somehow, I have a feeling that your stash will continue to grow when you're not looking. :-)

  2. Sew nice to have nice projects to work...
    Wish I only had a small stash like you....
    Lovely gifts from Alice....

  3. Your stitcheries are beautiful. I especially like the snowman globe! Have fun playing with your charm packs!

  4. Love the little snowman globe. Looks like you are going to have a fun new year Di. I'm so very happy for you and glad you liked your little pressies.
    Love you bunches!

  5. Goodness, you have been busy! I love your snowmen especially the one in the globe. You are certainly more organized than me. However, I did get all my boxes of Christmas items finally reorganized and put away today. Feels good to have all that done! My word for the year is "joy" and I have done a little stitchery that will remind me to "Choose Joy" each day. Will be anxious to see what your word is. Nola


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