Tuesday, January 12, 2016


When it comes all done up in bows-
I did 2 orders this month for some supplies--
the first one came all wrapped up in bows--
see the cute bows--
this order came from bunnyhill.com--thank you for making my purchase so special with the bows--

years ago when I lived here in Fl my friend and I stopped at a small shop and I had no money--but I did buy a small wire chicken "thingy" for about $5 and they still took the time to wrap it up in pretty tissue paper and put it in a nice bag with a bow on it--as I walked out of the shop to the car, I felt like I has spent a million dollars in there--and that feeling has never left me!!!
and here is my second order--
from greenfairyquilts.com--thank you for carrying the pink lead for my sewfine pen--
and of course I had to order some fabric--at least a little bit of some!!!

and here is some more decorator photos--
a quilt hanging in the foyer--
and on the wall on the other side is--
under this hanging is the electrical box and this frame covered it perfectly!!
this is the only thing that got hung up in the bedroom before I ran out of creative juices--
but now the corner looks much better where the rest of the items are that I need to find homes for--
and here is the side board--my dresser on the other wall in the bedroom--
the empty plate in the center holds a spider plant when it hasn't walked over to the window ledge!!
so things are looking more homey around here--
and yesterday afternoon I was lucky enough to be at the window taking some photos when this beautiful crane flew by-

Love and Laughter, di


  1. Starting to look much more homey! Getting a package from Bunny Hill is always a treat. Enjoy your new wools.

  2. It is looking a lot more homey Di.. Nice mail....


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