Monday, January 25, 2016


remind me why foundation piecing is not my favorite thing!!!
and why does it look like it will take 'little' pieces of fabric--
but it really doesn't--
I did make a dress this morning--
do you think it will fit me???

on someones blog post for their color of the month project they did a dress--
using this pattern--
so I bought and downloaded the pattern--
but I am confused about the pattern sizes--
so this is going to be an adventure for sure!!
I am pretty sure that
is where I seen this--love her blue dress!!

and I got some more wool blocks done--
and matched up the thread today for the next 3 blocks--
so we are rolling right along on this one--

and Now this little hanging is all done--
Thanks Anne for the kit for Christmas--

And I am in trouble already--
but then I always get into trouble in January --
along with some of you--
we find so many bom's that we want to do--
My count is about 7 or so--so far--
what is your count!!

and here is a neat photo that I took from the bedroom window Saturday night--
and here is another one
how yellow and golden is this full moon???

well--gotta get back to work--
love and laughter to all--di


  1. I love the dress! But I'm not a fan of paper piecing, so I probably won't be making those. Your full moon is so pretty. I think you have enough projects now. Oh wait - you can never have too many!! I need to take time to look at Melody's list.

  2. Pretty blue dress but like Sunny I am not going to make one...
    You sure do have lots to keep you busy....
    Keep stitching...
    Beautiful moon shots...

  3. Your little dress turned out great. I have such a hard time paper piecing. And, I agree, it takes more fabric than you think. Wow, 7 BOM projects! Where did you find them all? I have been trying hard to avoid new projects. because I have so many too work on. Have fun working on all your new projects. Will look forward to seeing pictures. Nola

  4. I'd like a dress like that 😊 I see you plan to keep busy for a while!

  5. YOur dress is gorgeous - well done on perservering!! I love your wool blocks too - very cute.

  6. I've decided that paper piecing isn't for sissies. Your dress turned out beautifully. But I agree the pattern is a bit lean on directions. I'm on dress two, it does get easier with repetition.

  7. Paper piecing can seem really tricky. After a while it starts to make more sense in some kind of backward zen way, but look at the results! Your block is fabulous!


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