Monday, February 29, 2016


Or I should say-
Back to stitching--
I took a mini vacation from sewing--
I spent Saturday and Sunday doing some much needed house cleaning--
I know those are 'dirty' words--but when we let it go for too long--
it is a dirty job--and someone has to do it!!
and I did some binge watching on the telly-
with a bit of knitting--
these birds where doing some of there own housecleaning with the bugs in the yard!!

But today it is back to the sewing machine--
got 2 blocks done on the Circa 2016 sal finished--
have 2 more to do and then I need to do the center part with some of the blocks that we already stitched together--at least that is today's plan!!

So it is back to work for me--
love and laughter, di

Friday, February 26, 2016


Love this 4th block--
I even had fun doing some fussy cutting!!
and on a funny note--
I stitched the vase upside down, the first try--
could of left it that way and no one would of known--
but I really do like it this way--!!
Here is the first four blocks so far--
still think I might have '2' different quilts going here???

And another basket block is finished--
Now this block says it is suppose to be 12 1/2 inch square--
but my block is smaller than that--only about 11 1/2 inch square--
must of done something wrong--yet the small blocks measure 6 1/2!!!
will not redo this block--if I need to, I will just add an inch border around this one to look like a frame--???

And here is a 'peak' at another quilt that I prepped this morning--
I finally had to open and cut into this sweet wood bundle--

And we had a beautiful sunrise this morning--
love and laughter, di

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I did get block #3 done --
and I like the brightness of this block--
but now have a problem--
this one doesn't really go with the first 2--
But with 100--6x6 inch blocks--I think I will just work on doing 2 sets--and each time a block comes out I will just ask it which quilt  it wants to be  in and then will go with colors for that quilt????
I mean Quilts do talk to us don't they????
and thought you would get a laugh out of this --
Opps--two right sides to a heart and no left!!!

And I got a delightful surprise in the mail the other day--
a lovely owl card and 2 quilt labels--
and these are from my blog friend Maria--
thought I think her blog name should be 'life on the beach'!!!
Thank you so much Maria for this lovely surprise--

Happpy Stitching everyone--
love and laughter, di

Monday, February 22, 2016


So far I am right on schedule for my
Sunday stitching in counted cross stitch--
this is about half done now--
this block reminds me of New York and here!!
I love ducks--

and remember last Sunday I finished the first block-
I forgot to tell you why I love this block-
You see I grew up on a farm out in the country--and Dad owned over 200 acres--
when I was a teenager, me and my cousin, Petey and my boyfriend, Jim used to ride  around in the fields in an old car and hunt for red fox--the hunter would ride on the hood of the car and we would take turns driving--we had alot of fun running around in those fields--and I promise you that NO red foxes or any creature was ever killed or shot at during these times--just fun memories--
things we did to entertain ourselves when we rarely even had TV let alone any video games back then!!!

love and laughter, di

Sunday, February 21, 2016


I did take my little twinkle stars to 'rehab'--
and after a bit of thinking--
and stitching--
and just a bit of unstitching--
we now have--
four pretty blue and purple "twinkling"  stars for the January color--

and later I even got brave and did the newest butterfly--
Meet Pepper--
He is the January color way too-
and he joins his girl friend--Gidget--
Wonder what these 'two' will produce for March????

And I have still been 'bugged' by the frog block--
I have redone his tongue 2 times--
but still very unhappy with it--
but when I couldn't fall asleep last night-
I got up and dug him up and now looke--
I got me one happy looking frog--
****remember this was how he looked--
needless to say--he liked my 'rehab' center!!!!

It is a beautiful sunny day here today and about mid 70"s--perfect!!
love and laughter, di

Thank you Friends--for filling mine!!

Saturday, February 20, 2016


Well--I was off to a good start???
Got the little pink and brown star from last week
into rehab and got it cured--
see all the fabric now goes to the edge to of the block--

The I worked on the 2 blue/purple stars to catch up for January--
to discover that for what ever reason the top piece and the bottom pieces don't work together--
these are done with thin tissue paper foundation pieces and it seems that I did the top pieces with the numbered side of the tissue correctly, but for what ever  reason worked the bottom pieces from the wrong side of the tissue paper--grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr??????
so this story will have to continue--

I did get the 2nd block of the Splendid Sampler done--
and I have purple butterflies--
and I remade the first one--
like this one much better--
remember this is the first one I did--
think I will send this one to Anne for one of her quilts!!!

And I got another basket block done--
and added a little something extra to it--

and I have wanted to do this pattern for ever--
and so I finally did--
have lots ready to stitch up now--

More news on the birthday post hopefully tomorrow--
in the mean time--
happy stitching--
love and laughter, di

Thursday, February 18, 2016


I like the number '7'--
always have for some reason--
And this year I get to celebrate the number '7'--
as it has been '7' years since my first post--
on Feb 18th 2009--
I did 266 posts in 2009--
and met some lovely bloggers and am still friends with some of them--
In 2010 I did 320 posts---that was nearly one every day!!
But it is sad that I only did 112 posts in 2015--
though last year was a busy one for me with an actual vacation in May and then a major move at the end of August--
In total for the '7' years I have done--
a total of 1469 posts counting this one--on this site--
I have done more posts on other sites that I have--
During these past '7' years a lot has happened to each of us--
we have loved, and lost--
met new friends, had new family members--
had gains and losses--
went places and did things--
had happy times and sad times--
and lots of projects started, and finished to share--
but we always came back to our computers and shared them with our new 'found' friends--
who have always been there just waiting to hear from us--

And yes there will be 'presents'--
this will be one of them--
a charm pack--
 and I have a couple other things in mind--sooooo
you know what to do--
and '7' of her friends!!!

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