Thursday, February 18, 2016


I like the number '7'--
always have for some reason--
And this year I get to celebrate the number '7'--
as it has been '7' years since my first post--
on Feb 18th 2009--
I did 266 posts in 2009--
and met some lovely bloggers and am still friends with some of them--
In 2010 I did 320 posts---that was nearly one every day!!
But it is sad that I only did 112 posts in 2015--
though last year was a busy one for me with an actual vacation in May and then a major move at the end of August--
In total for the '7' years I have done--
a total of 1469 posts counting this one--on this site--
I have done more posts on other sites that I have--
During these past '7' years a lot has happened to each of us--
we have loved, and lost--
met new friends, had new family members--
had gains and losses--
went places and did things--
had happy times and sad times--
and lots of projects started, and finished to share--
but we always came back to our computers and shared them with our new 'found' friends--
who have always been there just waiting to hear from us--

And yes there will be 'presents'--
this will be one of them--
a charm pack--
 and I have a couple other things in mind--sooooo
you know what to do--
and '7' of her friends!!!


  1. Wow! Congrats on SEVEN years! I think I just passed my six year blogaversary. I'm so glad we've had the chance to meet and become friends.

  2. Congrats Di! And the best part for me is that I've been able to share your life with you (to a certain extent). Wow - Seven years? Time flies! (I just want to comment - not enter the give-away. The fabric is lovely - but I'm sorting mine right now and it's overwhelming.)

  3. WOW seven years ...congrats and I have always enjoyed reading your posts...its great "meeting" and "chatting" with my online friends...

  4. Gosh 7 years and that many posts is a huge amount of chatting and sewing! Congratulations on your blog birthday. Isn't blogland wonderful for all the friendships we make :-) xx

  5. It has been a wonderful journey to share with you! Happy blogiversary Di! May you have many more years of inspiration to come! I have a couple of sweet treasures from you in the past.

  6. Congratulations, Di! I am so glad I met you in Blogland :-) You have been an inspiration and I love reading your posts and seeing what you get up to :-)
    Big hugs!

  7. From when I was young, the number 7 is my lucky number. Even know I see there are 6 commetns, so I'm number 7 LOL
    I hope that you blog for many many years to come.

  8. happy 7th birthday.....just celebrated 9yrs yesterday........

  9. You made me go back and look at when I started blogging and it was just two weeks after your first one. March 2, 2009. You were one of my very first friends when I was still living in Australia.
    I can't believe how much I got done that year.
    And my how time flies when you are having fun!!
    Happy 7th!!


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