Sunday, February 21, 2016


I did take my little twinkle stars to 'rehab'--
and after a bit of thinking--
and stitching--
and just a bit of unstitching--
we now have--
four pretty blue and purple "twinkling"  stars for the January color--

and later I even got brave and did the newest butterfly--
Meet Pepper--
He is the January color way too-
and he joins his girl friend--Gidget--
Wonder what these 'two' will produce for March????

And I have still been 'bugged' by the frog block--
I have redone his tongue 2 times--
but still very unhappy with it--
but when I couldn't fall asleep last night-
I got up and dug him up and now looke--
I got me one happy looking frog--
****remember this was how he looked--
needless to say--he liked my 'rehab' center!!!!

It is a beautiful sunny day here today and about mid 70"s--perfect!!
love and laughter, di

Thank you Friends--for filling mine!!


  1. Those star blocks are coming out very nice. Love those colors.
    Realy like the frog new look

  2. Great work! I get a headache even thinking of paper piecing. And the stars have inset pieces? Horrors!!


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